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In Anglona against a backdrop of Romanesque churches, nuraghi and domus de janas, a modern winery risesup, a place whose main objective is  to produce wines whose flavours and fragrancs are the expression of an ancient land with a historical wealth such as Sardinia.

And so Gianluigi e Silvia decided to bring their project to fruition together with their children: giving new lifeblood to a wine growng tradition which in the past has been at the heart of Anglona, as well as brining their own culture and love of wine o a territory of enormous potential.

The estate's vineyard organic grows in deep terrain, mainly composed of reddish-brown trachite and white limestone-vineyards which are made up of Autochthonous varietes such as CANNONAU, VERMENTINO and BOVALE, but also of international varieties such as CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Frequent rocky spikesalternate with the hilly landscape creating a natural barrier from the strong salty Mistral winds coming from the nearby Gulf of Asinara. At the same time, the sweet flux of winds from the mountain ridges og the GALLURA, guarantee a day-night temperature swing which is optimum whilst the GRAPES'are ripening.

It is therefore thanks to the characteristics of the soil's natural morphology, to the remarkable microclimatic conditions that these grapes give birth to wine such as PADRES, NARAMI, ONE HUNDRED and the more valuable ULTANA, whose richness and emery-fine contours are their major asset.

The careful consideration and masterly use of the BARRIQUE gives a further touch of complexity, which marvellously and harmoniously enriches the evolution phase of these truly thrilling wines.

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